What is
Intelligent Marketing System

A platform that provides you with easily accessible information to optimize your Google and Facebook campaigns.

Dynamic dashboard

With overview and useful insights you can take direct action to optimize your campaigns and improve your results.
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Cross-channel reports

Save time creating reports. Gather all your marketing data from Google and Facebook in one report with just a few clicks.
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Google Analytics integration

Connect your Google Analytics accounts to monitor your traffic and conversion goals side by side with your campaign results.
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Act on information

With inline editing you can act directly when you see the need of campaign changes for opportunities or risks.
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Automated functions that keeps an eye on campaigns and settings and then notifies you when there is an improvement to be made.
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Customize the campaign and client structure to suit your business.
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Even more great features

Multiple users

Give your team access to your company subscription with their own login and collaborate together to optimize results.
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Automated rules

Set rules for your campaigns, ads and keywords that triggers automatically based on your selected data criteria.
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Free trial

Try it for 10 days free of charge with no commitment – No credit card details are needed during the trial period.

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