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We create intelligent systems for internet marketing. We cater to all companies, large and small, worldwide.


Intelligent Marketing is a technology company from Sweden that focuses on advertising technology. We design advanced solutions to help companies advertise in a more intelligent way. The opportunities and benefits of online marketing are constantly growing and changing. This also increases the complexity.

There are so many options that it can be difficult to keep track of which networks, search terms and advertising options that will work best for you. We make this easier. We make the advertising technology intelligent and easy to manage. We provide you with a system for accessing all the online marketing opportunities from one single platform!


We do not want to just follow developments in the digital evolution
- we want to participate and lead it


Our Team

Meet the minds of Intelligent Marketing

Alexander Watz

Alexander is one of the founders of Intelligent Marketing. He is a driven entrepreneur with a passion for all the opportunities presented by the web. He has previous experience in sales and management within the Eniro Group and also has a marketing qualification from the IHM Business School.


Johan Bollman

Johan is the older of the two founders of Intelligent Marketing. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and strongly implementation-oriented. Johan has extensive experience in sales, marketing and leadership from a number of companies including the Eniro Group and is also a highly regarded mentor and lecturer.


Robert Conradsson

Robert is an university educated system developer with many years’ experience as an IT consultant. He works in ASP.NET and is passionate about always going the extra mile in order to create really functional systems.


Olle Karlsson

Olle has extensive expertise in the development of everything from apps to Big Data and following his university education as a system developer also worked at Sweco Position.


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We are financed by the users that buy our add on features which gives us the means to keep on growing and develop our system.

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