Dynamic dashboard
customized for your needs

With overview and useful insights you can take direct action to optimize your campaigns and improve your results

Dynamic dashboard

All data in one place

With our dashboard you get an instant overview of your search and social campaigns along with conversion results and an easy way to compare between Networks.

Cross-network reports
to save precious time

Save time creating reports. Gather all your marketing data from Google, Facebook and Bing in one report with just a few clicks

Cross-network reports

An easy way to organize marketing data

Create detailed reports containing campaign data from Google, Facebook and Bing and share them with your collegues or clients. You can then schedule automated reports to be sent with customized intervals.


Google Analytics integration
for automatic goal tracking

Connect your analytics accounts to monitor your goal completions side by side with your campaign results

Google Analytics integration

Simplify data analysis

Stop adding campaign and analytics data in excel sheets to see if you reach your goal. We present this in the same dashboard making it easy for you to compare goal conversions per channel and more.

Act on information
in a quicker way

With inline editing you can act directly when you see the need of campaign changes for opportunities or risks

Act on information

Make changes directly

With data from your Google and Facebook campaigns side by side with Google Analytics gathered in one view you can easily see where to fine-tune your settings. Inline editing makes it simple to do these changes without changing view.


on useful improvements

Automated functions that keeps an eye on campaigns and settings and then notifies you when there is an improvement to be made


Improve campaign quality

Recieve alerts and tips in your inbox regarding performance or settings that improves your campaigns.

Use IMS UTM Analyser to get simple and usefull information about ad and keyword UTM tags.

to organize your clients and campaigns

Customize the campaign structure to suit your business


An easy way to group all your campaigns

Group campaigns together into folders, by simularity or by clients. Folders can be created in multiple levels for easy access, overview and reporting - even across search and social, making your analysis of cross-channel campaigns more effective.


Even more great features

Multiple users

Work as a team

Give your team access to your company subscription with their own login and collaborate together to optimize results.

Invite your collegues to your company subscription and work side by side with your shared campaigns without adding any subscription cost. Get the flexibility that gives everyone their own folder structure and personal settings.

Automated rules

Save time by automation

Set rules for your campaigns, ads and keywords that triggers automatically based on your selected data criteria.

Search volume and reach are different every day and to make sure your budget follows these trends this function adds any unspend budget to the next day giving your campaign the extra budget boost when it´s needed.

Free account
For all companies and agencies

Why Free? We know that small means can make a big difference for business owners, entrepreneurs & agencies. We want to simplify your marketing without complicated price plans.

We are financed by the users that buy our add on features which gives us the means to keep on growing and develop our system.

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